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Thank you)) I am an individual entrepreneur in Latvia, I fulfilled a state contract for the mayor’s office of one large city;
was engaged in the supply of office supplies. For my part, I fulfilled all the conditions of the contract,
but the mayor’s office refused to pay for the goods, citing the fact that the goods are of poor quality.
I turned to one law office, so these “……” lost the case, doubled the volume of problems, and they also took money from me with interest!
A friend advised to contact Ruwises because already in 2017, he sued through them a decent amount of compensation for shipping.
They accepted me, listened to me, and within 2 weeks we built a defense. I submitted and did all the documents only with the advice of my lawyer.
He promptly filed an appeal, secured the cancellation of the decision of the first instance court, and I received a decision to satisfy my demands!


I thought that I had lost all of my invested money that I parted with to a bitcoin scam. It was also it seemed a big risk to take on LironGroup with no guarantees after an initial deposit to go ahead – at the back of my mind I was thinking ‘could this be another scam!’. I need not if worried because they explained everything that should be done very clearly and were more knowledgable about retrieving my money than my bank. I cannot tell you how relieved and happy I am to end up with 70% of my investment (LironGroup total fee 30%). They also made me realise that even the most educated and privalidged people get conned in this modern society and I will be very cautious in the future with my investments.


I am engaged in business and it often happens that my company requires legal, that is, legal protection of interests.
Turning to ruwises for the first time I realized that I was dealing with a serious company,
since then, the guys have been providing me with a full range of their subscription services.
I appreciate the team of lawyers of the company for their high professionalism and responsible approach to work.


Благодарю коллектив юридической компании «LironGroup». Обратился в компанию после того, как брокер KBCapitals перестал выводить деньги под любыми предлогами. В это же время стало появляться много информации в Интернете о мошеннической деятельности данного брокера. Юристами компании по моему делу было составлено около полутора десятка различных заявлений и жалоб на русском и английском языках. Каждый документ перед отправлением в соответствующие организации согласовывался со мной. В результате банк-эмитент карты Visa произвел 100%- ый возврат денежных средств. Хочу еще отметить один момент. Я долго думал, обращаться ли к профессиональным юристам по поводу чарджбэка или нет, так как даже не было средств на предоплату, все деньги были на счетах брокера. В итоге с женой решили, что будем делать все возможное, что бы вернуть хотя бы часть средств и в будущем не жалеть, что ничего не предпринимали, за что и были вознаграждены. Учитывая итоговый результат в моем случае, могу с уверенностью утверждать, что чарджбэк работает, кто пострадал от брокеров-мошенников воспользоваться шансом вернуть свои средства, обращаясь за помощью к юристам компании «LironGroup».


A positive outcome eventually. The banks not speedy to respond to the evidence given. I admired the politeness & perseverance of my case manager when dealing with the bank staff. I wouldn’t have seen any of my money returned if it hadn’t been for ruwises.


Благодарю от души руководство и дружный коллектив компании «LironGroup» за оказанную помощь в возврате денежных средств от брокера Quantum System. Ребята потрудились на славу и победа восторжествовала, мне полностью вернули мои денежные средства. Спасибо, ребята, за ваш труд и хлопоты, за профессионализм. Отдельная благодарность за профессиональное ведение дела. Удачи, успехов вам, ребята, в вашем благородном деле! Пусть благодарность клиентов вернется вам огромным счастьем в вашу жизнь, отличного ноябрьского настроения!!!


I doubted, at first I asked for advice at LironGroup, where a preliminary examination of the documents I submitted was carried out.
We established the opportunity to conduct an examination of the limitation of documents. Immediately after that, with a calm soul, I concluded a contract for work.
The examination set the deadline for the production of documents so accurately that, as a result, the case was won with benefit for me.
Since they can be trusted in such complex work, I think you can do other things through them.


To summarize my experience is something I am happy to do. My english is not perfect.

To be scammed of a small fortune is not something I am proud of failing for, and I am not better from it in many respects. Four months of investing and investing and trading and for nothing. I did not realize it was all fake and was exhausted when I learned this.

Ruwises I reached out to and and was helped with consideration. They are strong when you need. The process was steps over time and we had to wait together for the banks for processing but we succeeded in getting back my money. Not easy. I needed assistance and I received it. Worth my money.

I tell people not to give up. If you can fight back against brokers who steal your money you need to fight back. Everyone has a fight and this was my fight now


Здравствуйте! Большое спасибо компании «Ruwises» за доброе дело, которое они делают. В 2017г. я попался на удочку мошенников из OLYMP TRADE. В конце 2018г. обратился и спустя 5,5 месяцев удалось частично вернуть свои деньги, хотя думал, что уже не получится т.к. переводил деньги через мастер кард Надеюсь и верю, что у Вас получится вернуть остаток денег. Буду рад оставить еще один благодарственный отзыв о Вашей работе!


Добрый вечер всем, хочу поделиться своим мнением о компании ruwises. В марте 2018 попала под влияние брокера-мошенника HBC Broker, вытрясли из меня все что можно и нельзя тоже, их название я запомню надолго. Знакомый подсказал про процедуру чарджбек, в интернете нашла несколько компаний, не знаю почему, но я остановила свой выбор на компании ruwises. Объяснила ситуацию, но к сожалению в тот момент мне не смогли помочь, свои нюансы. Но нашлись «помошнички», которые обещали помочь, ну и помогли загнав меня в долги дальше некуда. И я снова за помощью в ruwises, на этот раз все получилось!!! Хоть возврат и не полный, но я и на это уже не надеялась. Спасибо большое ребятам юристам!Процветания вам ребята и удачи во всех делах!! Спасибо ещё раз большое)


Very professional and knowledgeable, was scammed on a web site and was taken for a few thousands,thought I had lost all then got contact
with LironGroup and they got all my money back,can’t thank them enough.


Добрый день, жизнь так сложилась и я на своем пути повстречал мошенников , а именно Daily Trades. Облапошили как только можно, а я как дурак верил им, когда меня постоянно кормили завтраками. Сперва обращался к юристам, но спустя какое-то время получал отказы, только пожимали плечами. Читал и про чарджбеки, и негативные и положительные отзывы. После всех обманов и к юристам не с охотой шел, а тут вообще безысходность подтолкнула. Получил консультацию (бесплатную), собрал нужные документы и в путь. 2 месяца переживаний, да и не верил в чудо, но половину суммы я все таки получил, не знаю как они это сделали, но я был так рад, после такого отношения я даже начинаю снова доверять людям) Спасибо команде LironGroup за честную работу!


Following unsuccessful attempts to get $10,250 returned from KBCapitals trading company, whom I subsequently found out were not regulated to operate as a trading company, I engaged the services of LironGroup. The process and costs associated with engaging LironGroup (initial retainer fee and 20% of the total of any funds recovered) were explained clearly to me before I made the decision to sign a contract to engage their services.

The consultant assigned to my case was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of dealing with a credit card chargeback against KBCapitals. In was great to have the consultant present on conference calls with my bank (Standard Chartered based in HK) to ensure that the correct information was discussed and that we spoke to the correct people. My case took around 12 weeks to be resolved (which I understand is typical in these cases). Following a successful outcome which recovered all funds I am no hesitation in recommending LironGroup.


After this, I’m very happy. Ruwises results are difficult but good. It took a long time, but I can not complain about it. I appreciate the fact that my chargeback team has presented my case well to my bank. I worked there for many months because my bank did not understand anything correctly. We had to wait for hours for various calls, BUT it was nothing. My bank filed my case and it was Ruwises help, which is why I received a refund.

I would also like to thank you because I was warned be careful with talk to my broker and be clear as possible during the process in the bank. (I’ve been called and still getting phone calls from brokers and asking me to trade again.)

Ruwises job well done! I was helped to get back a lot more money than I should have ever lost!! I was embarrassed and felt quite stupid — after I figured out what happened when I first called fin al. — but they said we can fight it if I want to fight it. And it was fight with my broker and with my bank and it ended finally. Fight against brokers continue.


After losing close to $30k through not understanding enough about forex trading and the company I was dealing with, I was extremely angry, embarrassed and confused.
I came across Ruwises through social media shortly after my loss and made contact a few days later. Right from the start they were highly professional and clear and concise around the steps they would take to help recoup some of my losses. Most of all though, they were completely non judgmental about the mess I had gotten into and focussed solely on helping me.
My advisor suggested the process would take around 3 months from start to finish and this proved to be the time it took for an outcome to be reached.
Whilst I recieved only a portion of my loss, it was satisfying to get some of my losses back, something that would never have happened without the guidance of LironGroup.
Thank you for your help.


Having lost over 5,000$ after dealing with an FX Trader group. I later found out this company wasn’t licensed to trade in the UK I did a lot of research and saw reviews for LironGroup on this website.
I contacted LironGroup and after being advised of the charges I would incur, I decided to obtain their services.
I was advised about the initial fee and that later, their was a 20% commission fee, payable only if there was success in recovering the funds I’d lost.
I was guided throughout the process and given excellent advise.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company, as they gave me an honest evaluation right at the start of what to expect.
If they believe you have a chance of recovering money lost they’ll tell you, but put no pressure on or shower you with promises, they can’t keep to attain this.
To gain back the money that I’d been scammed was the best end to my year, which had started so badly. I’d like to thank my adviser and all involved in my case..


Добрый день! Я одна из тех наивных людей, кто поверил красивым словам брокера и решил без особых усилий заработать 180% годовых. Ни один банк не предлагал таких условий, и я решилась. Собственную ответственность признаю в полном объеме )))) Само собой, на мои требования разобраться, почему не получается вывести деньги и прибыль, никто не реагировал. По телефонам, услышав о проблеме, общаться не хотели. Для помощи выбрала LironGroup за то, что это одна из первых компаний на рынке, имеет богатый опыт. Не прогадала, смогла вернуть 80% вложенного. Не повторяйте моих ошибок, всем удачи! Ставлю 5 звезд, лучшего и добиться нельзя


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